Makeup Brushes 101


Hi Lovelies!

Today I’m going to  launch a series about makeup brushes. For the next coming weeks I’ll be  telling you all there is to know about them. Starting with WHERE to start because the choices are endless when it comes to makeup in general. You definitely don’t need to start at a brand such as MAC, there are some great budget friendly options out there.
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A glance into the world of make up at TMS Berlin ’11

Whoops! I meant to write about my experience at The Make Up Show Berlin earlier. I see constant reminders on Facebook about the show so I thought it’s now or never!

I felt like a kid entering Disney world, there was make up everywhere!

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A Clean Makeup Start

HAPPY 2012!!!!
And let’s start this year off with clean makeup!
Sanitizing is SO important and in my opinion everybody from Professionals to everyday makeup users should do that.
Clean Brushes = Clean Makeup = Clean Skin

The Makeup Show – Berlin 2011 17 & 18 Sep

So I finished Makeup School and I’m now waiting for the results of my exams but in the mean time I got something really cool to share.

In about 12 days I’m gonna hop on to a plane to go to Berlin for
“THE MAKEUP SHOW” – EUROPE *insert happy dance here*
I did not hesitate a second to buy my tickets for this. It’s the largest makeup event in New York and they are coming to Europe for the first time now and Berlin is an excellent choice for that.
It has a vibe that no other city compares to in Europe.