Makeup Brushes 101, pt3


So it’s time for part three on makeup brushes with today’s topic: Concealer brushes.
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Makeup Brushes 101, pt2


Welcome to part two of the makeup brushes series. Today’s topic is Foundation Brushes. Please note I am not affiliated with any brand. I own all these brushes due to my work as a makeup artist. Therefore you don’t need all of these. I just hope to be helpful in your pursuit of the perfect brush for your needs!
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Tutorial: Hooded Eye


Here is my first makeup tutorial: eye makeup for hooded eyes. My eyes  are a combination of deep set/hooded. What does that mean exactly?
My eyes lie deeper therefore the eyelid is not visible when I look straight forward. Asian people have this too, only they have no visual crease which is why their eyes are often referred to as mono lids. It’s like having a ‘flat’ area to paint on. In my case due to my  bone structure, there is skin covering the eyelid also, hence the name hooded eyes.

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