Makeup Brushes 101, pt3


So it’s time for part three on makeup brushes with today’s topic: Concealer brushes.
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Makeup Brushes 101


Hi Lovelies!

Today I’m going to  launch a series about makeup brushes. For the next coming weeks I’ll be  telling you all there is to know about them. Starting with WHERE to start because the choices are endless when it comes to makeup in general. You definitely don’t need to start at a brand such as MAC, there are some great budget friendly options out there.
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Meeting Kandee Johnson


(photo credit Ian Ruther)

December 2010  will forever be my most memorable moth, due to an unforgettable experience in Los Angeles as I got to meet my youtube (and life) guru Kandee Johnson.
I flew out to Los Angeles to attend her makeup seminar called “Glaminar” (She combined the words seminar and glamour) and it was also the last one she  would be giving.
My Kandee adventure started out this way:

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