Makeup Brushes 101, pt2


Welcome to part two of the makeup brushes series. Today’s topic is Foundation Brushes. Please note I am not affiliated with any brand. I own all these brushes due to my work as a makeup artist. Therefore you don’t need all of these. I just hope to be helpful in your pursuit of the perfect brush for your needs!
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Eye Primers – The Battle

As Bobbi Brown names concealer “The Secret of the Universe”, to me eye primer is the “Worlds Greatest Makeup Invention”.

Urban Decay’s Primer Potion (UDPP) is my absolute Holy Grail in makeup, but wait, don’t run to store to buy it just yet. I have a special bond with this product because when I started to get seriously interested in makeup back in 2010 I stumbled upon UDPP on so many blogs that I just had to try it for myself and it turned out to be the answer to my prayers. UDPP reminds me of that period :).

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A glance into the world of make up at TMS Berlin ’11

Whoops! I meant to write about my experience at The Make Up Show Berlin earlier. I see constant reminders on Facebook about the show so I thought it’s now or never!

I felt like a kid entering Disney world, there was make up everywhere!

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Makeup Artist Tanimara Loupatty
Photographer Salvador Pozo
Model Felicia Rook

It was a summers day in august 2010 when, inspired by MUA Kandee Johnson, I found the right course in life for me: Make-up. Now one year later I have made my dream come true. Ever since I felt that sparkle come alive inside of me I followed it without looking forward, enjoying it to the fullest, taking it day by day.
I feel so happy to have developed this creative side of me, which I didn’t know I had.
Now I’m ready to explore this new world further and keep learning but most importantly:
I’m enjoying it today and do not worry about what tomorrow will bring me 🙂
I’m gonna leave you guys with the message from Kandee that really pushed me into following my dream and I hope it will help you too, should you feel you need that extra push 🙂


Makeup travel goodies!

Hello Everyone!

I’m taking a mini break from work and school and while I am packing I wanted to show you guys some cool (american) travel goodies I got :):