Jeangu Macrooy EP Release Splendor Amsterdam

Jeangu Macrooy

On the 9th of April the young and talented Jeangu Macrooy saw his dream come true as he presented his EP release called “Brave Enough” in Amsterdam at Splendor. This was hands down one of the most special performances I have ever witnessed….
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I Heart Westerpark


In the upper west side of our city we have the beautiful industrial area called Westerpark, better known as Westergasfabriek. In English that would be “Western Gas Factory”. In early 1900 it was Amsterdam’s supplier of gas mostly used for street lighting. When the factory closed, a few buildings were destroyed and other remained for storage. In 1989 the remaining buildings were recognized as monuments. Nowadays it has become a great cultural park that has a lot to offer from relaxing in the grass to partying until the late wee hours. Continue reading “I Heart Westerpark”

Lianne La Havas


It was a hot Sunday afternoon…..

Chilling on my balcony….

Sipping on a cold beer….

Listening to Sublime Fm….. and suddenly I had goose bumps all over my body.

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North Sea Jazz Festival 2015


That feeling of going back to reality…it has yet to arrive 4 days after the amazing event that is North Sea Jazz Festival, or NSJ for short. (I attended the 3rd day )

I say this as a woman who has visited a lot of festivals but went to NSJ as a first-timer. Although I’m pretty familiar with Jazz music in general and (most) of the artists weren’t all new to me, I did not expect to enjoy myself as much as I did, and here is why:

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