How-to open Beauty Sample Sachets

Product Samples

Every girl has a bunch of beauty related samples at home. Great for trying out new products and perfect for that weekend get-a-way. But the only thing I don’t like about them is how messy it can get in your toilet bag once opened, until I discovered this little trick:
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When You’re a tourist in Amsterdam


You know that moment when you are  asked by your buddy’s from abroad: ” Hey we are coming to town for a few days, what are fun things to do?” And your mind just goes blank ———- because when you’re a local you don’t do all the things tourists do.
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I Heart Westerpark

In the upper west side of our city we have the beautiful industrial area called Westerpark, better known as Westergasfabriek. In English that would be “Western Gas Factory”. In early 1900 it was Amsterdam’s supplier of gas mostly used for street lighting. When the factory closed, a few buildings were destroyed and other remained for storage. In 1989 the remaining buildings were recognized as monuments. Nowadays it has become a great cultural park that has a lot to offer from relaxing in the grass to partying until the late wee hours.


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Traveling with my Züca

 I love, love, loooooove my Züca bag.
 U can use it on your weekend travels too which makes it a
 multi purpose bag and a really good investment!
Let me show u how!
A few weeks a go I had a family reunion at my grandparents house and my grandmother wanted me to do her make-up, so this is what I packed:
Starting form the bottom:
-My outfit for the next day
-Make up case
-Toilet bag
-Extra toilet bag with brushes etc.
This was for just one night but there’s enough room for an extra outfit!
What I love about traveling with this bag is that your make -up and toilet bag lay flat so your foundation and other fluids stay put at all times.
Even when I’m not traveling with this bag I do pack my make up in their pouch because you can fit so much in it!
Click here to see a complete Züca bag photo tour!
Too bad I can’t take it as hand luggage, for that you need their PRO version and this is the Sports version.
Happy Sunday everyone!