Photo Studio on-the-go

When you love taking pictures, like me, nothing beats a good old DSLR camera. Yes, I know that it is bigger than your smartphone and it has all these different lenses and settings, but that’s just what I love about it. Because once you have found that right combination of lenses and settings, nothing beats the beauty of a perfect picture. But there is something I have always missed while using my DSLR …

Despite the fact that I love taking pictures with my DSLR, I sometimes prefer using my iPhone. Not only because of the fact that I always carry my iPhone around and it’s so much lighter than an average DSLR, but there is more. Over time, I have collected a lot of photo editing and enhancing Apps on my iPhone. This means that whenever I have taken a picture, I can immediately start editing it and see what it will look like.

Another great feature of a modern smartphone is that you are able to directly share an image you have taken. I, for one, love Instagram as a platform where people share their most beautiful and creative photos. When on a field trip, you don’t always want to wait until you get home to start sharing your pretty pictures and with your smartphone you don’t have to.

Now, how to get all these features with the quality pictures from my DSLR camera?

Just recently a friend of mine, showed me thé solution I was looking for: the Eyefi Card. Basically it’s an SD card but with a WiFi transmitter in it so you can instantly stream a picture you took with your DSLR camera to your iPhone. It comes with an App to make the whole streaming thing pretty easy to setup. So now I have DSLR camera quality pictures with all the abilities I am used to on my iPhone.

So what does it look like?

Eyefi collage

As you can see it’s a double system, you click the little card into the larger one which looks exactly like your compact flash card. The package is also provided with a USB holder for uploading purposes.


On your iPhone you must connect to the Wifi of the card in order to import the images from your camera. Doesn’t this just look on point?


So now I have my photo studio on-the-go which automatically makes me blogger on-the-go now that I don’t have to wait to get home to process the images first but just be posting while having lunch at one of Amsterdam’s hotspots.

Wanna know where I had lunch? Then stay tuned for my next post 😉

xoxo -Tani


The Bold and The Beautiful


I don’t mean to sound arrogant, I just always wanted to use this for a blog post title! I have been meaning to write about my BlackBerry Bold for over 2 years now but somehow I never got around to do so. It might seem pointless now as I’m getting an iPhone soon but actually is the reason I’m posting it still.

I have been a BlackBerry user for 3 years in a row and I’m really going to miss this baby. My first smartphone was the Sony Ericsson Xperia, boy what an Epic mistake was that!!! My advise: never choose design  over comfort with cellphones! This phone was as slow as a Windows computer and way to heavy for a girl.
Back then when I stood before the choice of BlackBerry and Apple (sorry, these are the only two smartphone options for me) I went with BlackBerry as I could not get used to a touchscreen. What a big relief using a BlackBerry was!!! Still is, as for comfort in usage I think BlackBerry will remain my number one phone and after 2 years I’m still quite fond of the male-business design the Bold has. Typing goes super fast and effortless with this keyboard, oh touchscreen, will I ever get used to you?


So now I stand before the choice of BlackBerry and Apple again and find myself forced to switch ‘fruits’. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against Apple but part of me would have liked to be able to choose the iPhone on my own.
This last year I haven’t been able to pick up my Apple mail  on my BlackBerry, which is a pain in the ass, specially in the digital world we live in today. Also synchronizing with my Apple computer is not possible anymore, therefore my contact list is a mess and I don’t have access to my calendar. So yes, all the more reason to choose an iPhone. Oh and Instagram!

Sorry for the melodramatic blog post ( I just had to get it off my chest haha). I’m gonna leave you with an image which describes the comfort of a BlackBerry (before the Apple blockage) to me:

Enjoying a bagel with cream cheese and a Latte in the sun at Starbucks Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles. 


Thank you for bearing with me and if you like, comment below which one is your favorite cellphone and why!



Grand Opening Apple Store Amsterdam

As an American Brand lover I couldn’t miss out at the grand opening of
Holland’s first Apple store in Amsterdam.
I arrived around 9:30 and outside you
could already feel the excitement of all the Apple Geniuses.
Seconds before the store opened…..
A few shots when everything was still quiet inside:
They cheered to everyone who entered the store, look at the excited faces!
Inside the store:
The Apple Genius Bar, where there was no Apple juice ;P
Typical sight in Amsterdam 😀 :
I stood in line for 1 hour to get in and meanwhile
the dutch bank handed out apples:
The first 4.500 visitors got a T-shirt:
I wonder what everyone will be wearing on Queensday this year….!
That’s the day we celebrate the queens birthday and everyone wears orange.
Last but not least, together with my cousin and Apple Genius: