Tani’s Moments #3

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Before I continue with regular blogging, here are some Tani’s moments from the last few months:

In the end of august I went to the beach in Amsterdam. Did you know we have beaches here? They are fake but still very nice to cool off. This picture is taken at the entrance of Beach: Blijburg aan Zee at the north of the city. I totally love the Las Vegas sign thing!! Tram 26 from central station will bring you here.

Ahhhh, a coffee moment with a good friend, Big fan of those! And my Starbucks city mugs :).

Browsing through some old memories, Stockholm to be more precise, I stumbled upon this picture and was amazed by how natural I look here, as if it was achieved with makeup but actually it’s not. This was taken in 2007 and back then I only wore some kohl liner, mascara and blush. Today I actually have to slam some makeup on to look like this, haha! Kidding, it’s not that bad but oh am I thankful for the existence of makeup!

Early october it was my birthday, 32 already O_O

My skin got really bad recently and a friend of mine suggested I try these products, are you familiar with them or would you like to see a review? Let me know in the comments below!

I love to do makeup and photo projects at home, it looks a little something like this:

This was with my classmate and friend Imogen. I did her makeup and she did my makeup and hair!

Then before I  knew it the color of the leaves were changing which makes me want to go outside with my camera, although this one was taken with my Blackberry.

I read about this DIY (do it yourself) project about how to tune up a candle holder and I immediately ran to the craft store (Hema/Action) to make my own, like it?

Currently I’m very much into the tv show Revenge. I have a thing for shows about rich people with their badass problems and scheming. But what immediately draw my attention was the music chosen on this show, almost after every episode I end up downloading a song or two. The masterpiece for me was   this song in the last episode of season one. The combination of the scene and this song is very well chosen, it emphasizes the image on your tv screen so much that it will give you goosebumps. I will not give away what it’s about but I would describe this song as the sound as when everything falls apart and the world comes crushing down on you.

It was Sabroso Cocktails time again! Me and Cissy were present at the Cafe Cultura event this past weekend. The pictures should go online soon on their website but here’s a preview:

How was your Halloween? I cheated this year, this picture is done completely without real makeup. But photoshopping can be so much fun too! I am a bit of a computer nerd I must say ;).

I recently had my hair cut (read here) and there was one unforgettable moment during that whole day. My friend who is learning to cut hair is called Sophia, now look at the name of the tea we drank during the break: And that is how I will always remember her!

Last but not least I’m very excited to see the work of this photographer who I did makeup for  last week. He chose to do portraits inspired by the work of Joel Grimes so I’m curious to see if we have achieved that!

I hope you enjoyed reading this update!




Tani’s Moments ~ Second Edition

And so it happened that my last blog post was 3 weeks ago…. I have been busy and away on holiday. All the intentions to blog during the holiday’s where there but I forgot my pen drive with all the photo’s I wanted to work on and then I thought: The universe is telling me to actually have a vacation and not work at all. It was the best thing I’d done in months.

Now here are my photo moments with what I have been busy with:

Isn’t this the coolest phone amplifier ?? Great for chilling in the park 🙂

On my dutch bike “Oma’s fiets”.

I found an American Beauty Hair shop in Dusseldorf, Germany. I’m really surprised by all the (american) beauty stuff one het get in this city actually.

Tada tadaaa!! Does anyone know what beauty palette I bought here??

This text cracked me up when I saw it! Love the LA style inspired fashion at Brandy&Melville.

I attended an Inglot trend presentation and these where in my goodie bag.

I met these lovely makeup artists: Peggy Timmermans & Hayat Hamoudan. Also the lovely Kaya Quintana from youtube channel PowderxxxPuff.

Hello vacation!! I spent two weeks at my mother’s house in Spain where she lives. It’s a beautiful environment.

Summer feet 🙂

Nothing like a home cooked meal made by mom!

You can’t actually see it but this was a pretty big BMW, my first big car experience.

Cold beer always go hand in hand with a hot summer.

I saw  this hanging above a trashcan, the thought crossed my mind to hang this picture above mine.

My sister and I love to do photo projects together.

Hugging my baby brother :).

And he made some  Tapas for me and my boyfriend.

Happy with my new sun glasses!! Funny thing, it has the letters L.A. on them and I thought  they stood for Los Angeles, hahaha so I totally had to have them. (it stands for Light Adaptive)

Back home I made my signature dish (don’t know what to call it yet), the dish itself is quite photogenic don’t ya think?

As is the Marshmallow Rocky Road Chocolate Cake at Starbucks, try ordering that fast.



Love and support for Kandee Johnson

Photography by Ian Ruther

If  you follow my blog you see the name Kandee Johnson appear a lot. That is because she has been a very important factor in my life in regards of changes.

She is going through a rough time and she deserves some love and support. 

I was at a point in my life where my world was crashing down on me and didn’t know how to keep going. At the time I would stay home a lot and watch feel good series as  The Hills, The City  and Laguna Beach. I became a fan of Lauren Conrad’s personality and I think she’s a beauty too.  Then, one day I stumbled upon a Lauren Conrad  makeup tutorial by Kandee and it was something I had never seen before.

The first time I did not even see her makeup art. What I saw was a sweet girl full of happiness and positiveness. Her bright spirit just beamed into my room. I was hooked. The second time I was hooked by her beauty and how she applied her makeup. But it wasn’t until I saw her video about how she encourages to follow your dreams that it hit me inside and just  new that makeup artistry was the path I wanted to follow.

She recently lost her dad (read her story here) so I commented on her blog to support her. Never would I have guessed that my comment would hit so many likes and that she would write a reply:

Also  other commenters replied to me,  apparently I’ve touched some souls with my love and support. Thank you all!!!

–When I do  makeup, I forget. I forget the past, the future and enjoy the present. I listened to my heart and followed my dream thanks to you Kandee.-

Big hug to you and keep on beaming your bright spirit!

Love and makeup,