Tani’s Moments ~ Second Edition

And so it happened that my last blog post was 3 weeks ago…. I have been busy and away on holiday. All the intentions to blog during the holiday’s where there but I forgot my pen drive with all the photo’s I wanted to work on and then I thought: The universe is telling me to actually have a vacation and not work at all. It was the best thing I’d done in months.

Now here are my photo moments with what I have been busy with:

Isn’t this the coolest phone amplifier ?? Great for chilling in the park 🙂

On my dutch bike “Oma’s fiets”.

I found an American Beauty Hair shop in Dusseldorf, Germany. I’m really surprised by all the (american) beauty stuff one het get in this city actually.

Tada tadaaa!! Does anyone know what beauty palette I bought here??

This text cracked me up when I saw it! Love the LA style inspired fashion at Brandy&Melville.

I attended an Inglot trend presentation and these where in my goodie bag.

I met these lovely makeup artists: Peggy Timmermans & Hayat Hamoudan. Also the lovely Kaya Quintana from youtube channel PowderxxxPuff.

Hello vacation!! I spent two weeks at my mother’s house in Spain where she lives. It’s a beautiful environment.

Summer feet 🙂

Nothing like a home cooked meal made by mom!

You can’t actually see it but this was a pretty big BMW, my first big car experience.

Cold beer always go hand in hand with a hot summer.

I saw  this hanging above a trashcan, the thought crossed my mind to hang this picture above mine.

My sister and I love to do photo projects together.

Hugging my baby brother :).

And he made some  Tapas for me and my boyfriend.

Happy with my new sun glasses!! Funny thing, it has the letters L.A. on them and I thought  they stood for Los Angeles, hahaha so I totally had to have them. (it stands for Light Adaptive)

Back home I made my signature dish (don’t know what to call it yet), the dish itself is quite photogenic don’t ya think?

As is the Marshmallow Rocky Road Chocolate Cake at Starbucks, try ordering that fast.




Love and support for Kandee Johnson

Photography by Ian Ruther

If  you follow my blog you see the name Kandee Johnson appear a lot. That is because she has been a very important factor in my life in regards of changes.

She is going through a rough time and she deserves some love and support. 

I was at a point in my life where my world was crashing down on me and didn’t know how to keep going. At the time I would stay home a lot and watch feel good series as  The Hills, The City  and Laguna Beach. I became a fan of Lauren Conrad’s personality and I think she’s a beauty too.  Then, one day I stumbled upon a Lauren Conrad  makeup tutorial by Kandee and it was something I had never seen before.

The first time I did not even see her makeup art. What I saw was a sweet girl full of happiness and positiveness. Her bright spirit just beamed into my room. I was hooked. The second time I was hooked by her beauty and how she applied her makeup. But it wasn’t until I saw her video about how she encourages to follow your dreams that it hit me inside and just  new that makeup artistry was the path I wanted to follow.

She recently lost her dad (read her story here) so I commented on her blog to support her. Never would I have guessed that my comment would hit so many likes and that she would write a reply:

Also  other commenters replied to me,  apparently I’ve touched some souls with my love and support. Thank you all!!!

–When I do  makeup, I forget. I forget the past, the future and enjoy the present. I listened to my heart and followed my dream thanks to you Kandee.-

Big hug to you and keep on beaming your bright spirit!

Love and makeup,


Introducing: Tani’s Moments

Hey you and welcome new readers!

I’m introducing a new feature on my blog called Tani’s Moments. In this feature I show random (background) moments of my life, like a ‘Behind the scenes’ kind of thing.

In this post Food seems to be the theme :). Hope you enjoy it!

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Photo-Inspiration #1

 Photo from the web

One morning standing in line at Starbucks I fell in love with their advertisement photo for American Pancakes. There is just something about breakfast….On a Sunday I enjoy hot rolls in the oven, fresh coffee and Norah Jones through my speakers.

When traveling I also get really excited about breakfast options at hotels.

Inspired by this photo I took one similar at home:

I love all kinds of bread but this one is my all time favorite German bread called Weltmeister. Funny enough my mom send it over to me from Spain. (half baked ;)) This bread is really nutritious but is not too heavy in your stomach.

Sidenote: I’m completely done with the bread from our local supermarket AH which is just full of air. I kept eating it until 2 o’clock in the night because I was always hungry as it never satisfied my appetite. You can imagine I also had a sleeping problem…..so my doctor instead of giving me sleeping pills sent me to a dietician where I learned what  my eating choices where doing to me (I had quite some fat around my stomach as well). I never could have thought that making the right food choices would help me get my sleeping pattern back to normal again. Eating nutritious bread really makes  a difference for me. 

My little sister has entered a photo contest at her school and she wanted my advise so she e-mailed her work to me and when I saw her theme it just cracked me up:

Courtesy of my sister ©GABZ

This is on the balcony of our mom’s house in Spain. I just love that we had the same theme going on in hour heads. I hope that she wins!

Edit: My siter won the contest! So proud!

I’d love to hear about your favorite breakfast!