Working out made easy by Susana Yábar

Keeping up with life can be so challenging at times. One has to work, clean the house, prepare meals, engage in social activities,  and most importantly have some ME time. Chances are you spend that ME time curled up on the sofa reading a book or watching Netflix (guilty as charged).
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Hotspot Alert: Pllek Amsterdam

Plek Amsterdam NDSM werf

Pllek, your get-away-spot in the city. The feeling of being somewhere else while enjoying the view of your beloved city, that’s the feeling I get when I’m here. This place is easy to miss, specially when you’re a tourist in town, but I hope you won’t miss it after reading this!
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Restaurant Nevel


Last summer I stumbled upon this little gem in Amsterdam: Restaurant Nevel. I fell in love with this place! Not because of the food, which  sadly I have yet to taste. It was something else that stole my heart….
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Food Soul Festival

Food Soul Festival

Food Festivals are quite the trend nowadays. I only discovered them last year thinking it was a summer thing only. Boy was I wrong!! But are the indoor versions as good as the outdoor versions?
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