About Me

In 2010 Tanimara went through a rough patch when a simple makeup tutorial by Kandee Johnson (click here for her story) brought back some sparkle in her life. Watching Kandee perform makeup on screen made her want to learn the skill of makeup artistry. As she was the only one with a decent camera in  her class she became the “go-to-gal” for all the before and after pictures during the whole course.

Once she began to work as a makeup artist, she didn’t enjoy it as much because it wasn’t her behind the camera. This led to her wanting to do her own thing in both makeup and photography.

In 2017 she decided to concentrate in one skill only: Photography.

You can discover her work here.

TaniStates.com is her place on the world wide web where she shares her content about things she enjoys in life which can be anything from cups of coffee to wandering the streets of Amsterdam, combined with her own photography.

All this combined it needed a place to manifest and so TaniStates blog was born.

Canon 40D and lenses from 50 to 300 mm.


All images on TaniStates.com are made by Tanimara or are property of TaniStates.com unless stated otherwise. The use of any image is not allowed without written permission.  All rights reserved.

TaniStates is not affiliated with any brand therefore all reviewed products are purchased.



A penny for your thoughts :)

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