Working out made easy by Susana Yábar

Keeping up with life can be so challenging at times. One has to work, clean the house, prepare meals, engage in social activities,  and most importantly have some ME time. Chances are you spend that ME time curled up on the sofa reading a book or watching Netflix (guilty as charged).

There’s always a little voice in my head telling me I should do more exercise because it’s good for  the mind and body, but I didn’t until recently.

For years I have had these issues that made it hard for me to do something about it and maybe you do too:

a) Tight budget, the fees for fitness schools and or classes are no joke, this applies to anyone from students to single parents.

b) Time management, being alone and having to do everything by yourself can be very time consuming and depending on the line of work you’re in you probably end up on the couch.

Besides the occasional run that I do I was really missing something. I tried to add swimming but I even find that to much time consuming with the commuting  and  the hair washing afterwards (hey I’m a beauty girl yes).

So all the excuses in the world aside, there is a solution!! And it has been there for years: workout sessions on youtube that you can do whenever you want as much as you want!

My dearest and oldest friend Stanley Sarpong makes awesome work out  videos with his girlfriend Susana Yábar. Their channel has become quite popular (also available in Spanish) and I’m embarrassed to say that I just got hooked to it last week. But Hey! It’s never too late to start!!

What I personally love about their videos is the inspirational and colourful locations they shoot at from exotic Thailand to Urban Miami. Another strong feature  is how they simplify a workout for you. Every video is short and the exercises very easy to follow. I really can’t come up with an excuse to not exercise anymore! As I work at the airport at different hours I can now easily do a workout at home before or after work without loosing time as we ‘airport staff’ really need our sleep ;-).

Ok I’m gonna wrap up this blog post leaving you with a few  videos to see for yourself why you should subscribe to their channel and start working out today!!



Thank you so much Stanley and Susana for introducing me to your healthy and spiritual lifestyle!

Enjoy your work outs babes!




A penny for your thoughts :)

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